V-RB 001 V-RB 001
V-RB 001 V-RB 001
V-RB 001 V-RB 001

V-RB 001

  • V-RB 001 Bulletproof Visor

  • V-great

Bulletproof visor for PASGT, MICH and FAST Helmet
Product Description

Bulletproof Material: Laminated bulletproof glass: PC+PU+PMMA

Performance: NIJ STD 0101.06 Level IIIA for .357SIG&.44Mag

V50 Value: 760m/s

Dimension: Length: 360mm; Height: 145mm; Thickness: 21.5mm

Weight: 1.50kg

Transmittance: 85%

Designed for: Police, Military, Special Forces

Usage: Used in conjunction with bulletproof helmet

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V-great International Limited focuses on US NIJ0101.06 and EU VPAM BSW 2006 standards aiming the first class products with reasonable price, all products produced by v-great are certified by both standards.

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