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Milipol 2023

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Milipol 2023

In early November 2023, the V-great team participated in the prestigious Milipol 2023 exhibition held in Paris, France, showcasing their innovative military equipment. This exhibition was particularly significant for them as they displayed a range of the latest ballistic and tactical gear that are at the forefront in terms of design and functionality. Their main exhibits included a quick-release plate carrier equipped with magnetic buckle fasteners, designed to enhance the mobility and responsiveness of soldiers in urgent situations. Additionally, they presented various advanced ballistic helmets that not only offered superior protection but also took into consideration the comfort and head cooling of the wearers. Perhaps the most notable was their cooling vests, an innovative solution designed to help soldiers remain cool and efficient in extreme temperature conditions. The V-great team's presentation at Milipol 2023 attracted a lot of interest from the audience, demonstrating their leading position in the field of military equipment innovation.




V-great International Limited focuses on US NIJ0101.06 and EU VPAM BSW 2006 standards aiming the first class products with reasonable price, all products produced by v-great are certified by both standards.

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