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Laser explosive disposal product Laser explosive disposal product
Laser explosive disposal product Laser explosive disposal product
Laser explosive disposal product Laser explosive disposal product
Laser explosive disposal product Laser explosive disposal product
Laser explosive disposal product Laser explosive disposal product

Laser explosive disposal product

Product Description

Products Introduction:

During military training and daily duty of the armed police, unexploded ordnance is often encountered, including grenades, mines, mortar shells, gun grenades, etc., which often requires quick emergency disposal, otherwise it will seriously affect the personal and property safety of soldiers or people. The detection and removal of unexploded objects remains difficult and fraught with danger. How to eliminate unexploded ordnance quickly and accurately and reduce the loss of life and property is a serious problem faced by many countries.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on high-power directional laser and intelligent image processing, our company has developed two laser explosive disposal system which name is high energy laser damage system and vehicular laser explosive disposal system, by making full use of related technologies.

The high energy laser damage system is composed of load box, air cooled laser, lithium battery, bracket, tablet computer, portable range finder and so on. The vehicular laser explosive disposal system is composed of servo turntable, aiming and emission unit (including TV, infrared, laser ranging, etc.), power supply battery, chiller, industrial control computer, mobile chassis and other parts.

The two products can realize long-distance target aiming and intelligent model identification, assistance manual decision making and remote removal and destruction. The system can be applied to the emergency disposal of unexploded bombs and duds produced in the exercise and training, as well as the dangerous explosive found by the armed police anti-terrorism units.



Laser   emission power


Transmission   power adjustment range

10% ~ 100%

Beam   quality


Operating   distance


Aiming   accuracy

Aiming   error at 100 meters≤2.5mm

Continuous   operating time


Equipment   weight


Deployment   time


Camera   magnification

Optical   zoom should be more than 30 times, electronic zoom should be more than 10   times

System   function

Observation,   guidance, aiming function

It is   capable of imaging and aiming at targets larger than 200m distance

Remote   emission control function

The control   terminal can remote control the laser destruction equipment from a distance   of more than 100m

Safety   interlock control function

Designed   with software authorized, emission by step, laser emitted warning, emergency   stop, tipping alarm, startup self-check and other safety control measures

On-site   destruction function

It can destroy   unexploded ordnance without secondary danger

Target   distance measurement function

It can   measure the distance between the laser emission aperture and the target, and   the ranging error is less than 2m

Image and   video recording function

Able to   record video, take photos, and playback, export files

Display   reminder function

Able to   display equipment power, emission time, power capacity and other information

Mains   supply access function

It can be   powered by portable battery or mains supply


Number of   failure-free emission

≥3000 times

Environmental   adaptability

Operating   temperature


Storage   temperature


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V-great International Limited focuses on US NIJ0101.06 and EU VPAM BSW 2006 standards aiming the first class products with reasonable price, all products produced by v-great are certified by both standards.

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