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Frogman and Amphibious Force System Frogman and Amphibious Force System

Frogman and Amphibious Force System

Product Description

Frogman and Amphibious Force System



Diving Dry Suit

Diving   Dry suit is water-proof designed to keep cold water out and provide body   temperature protection.

The   main material is made of high strength material, which has high   wear-resistance, tear-resistance and

long   durability. At the same time, the material is lightweight, soft, simple and   comfortable design, can work

in the water depth of 40   meters, 0-40° environment. It is also light-weight design, flexible and easy   to carry.


Wading Combat Uniform

Wading   combat suit adopts integrated structure design, which is suitable for shallow   waters with a depth of10m and is suitable for amphibious complex operations.

When   operating underwater, it can provide waterproof, anti-immersion, body   temperature protection function;

When   operating on land, it can provide high strength, flame retardance, antistatic   protection, moisture permeability.



Underwater Communication & Positioning System

Underwater   Communication & Positioning System is an underwater voice communication   system with Positioning Function, which uses water as a medium for voice   communication and digital communication.

It   includes deck unit and diver unit, which is suitable for real-time communication   between divers & divers or between divers & deck for voice   transmission and digital data transmission (digital data supports: preset

SMS, customized message,   position information.

Frequency20kHZ-35KHZ Communication   Range1.5km-3km

Positioning Range≥1.5km Support underwater   unit quantity8 units

Operating Depth60m


CCR (Closed Cycle Respirator)

CCR   (Closed Cycle Respirator) can ensure no-discharging air bubbles during diving   to ensure the concealment in combat. With the advantages of low noise, long   diving time and short decompression time, CCR is suitable for all kinds of   secret amphibious operations. It is the best equipment for submarine operations,   hide & escape, and long-distance underwater missions.

Operating   Modefull-closed

Operating   Depth90m

Operating   Temp.-20-50

Carrying   Design: support front-carry or Rear-carry load

Indicators3 colors. support turn-off   in battle)

Operating   Duration: up to 250 minutes

Supports   terminal decompression algorithm

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V-great International Limited focuses on US NIJ0101.06 and EU VPAM BSW 2006 standards aiming the first class products with reasonable price, all products produced by v-great are certified by both standards.

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