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Armored Vehicle Armored Vehicle
Armored Vehicle Armored Vehicle
Armored Vehicle Armored Vehicle

Armored Vehicle

Product Description

550 5092 4X4 Armored Vehicle Specs

1.   product description

550 5092 4X4 armored personnel carrier, using the United States Ford F-550 military police car 4x4 aggrandizement-specific chassis, the installation of six sides bullet-proof body, turret and a variety of special protection equipment. The car armor design, strong sense of deterrence, bullet-proof performance of the Ministry of Public Security GA668-2006 "general police technical requirements of riot cars," Class B requirements, to resist the 56 submachine gun steel core attack; powerful, mobility is good, with strong Off-road capability; vehicle 5 layout design, which greatly improves the rapid reaction of combat members, practicality, is the ideal military and police crowd control vehicle.


                     vehicle picture


Layout plan (for reference only)

2. Vehicle main function description

1、Bullet-proof armor: vehicle occupant area six, tank, tank, B-class bullet proof engine compartment, can withstand 56 submachine gun steel core bomb attacks; roof full protection turret B class bulletproof; body sides and the tailgate with bullet- Bulletproof off-road vehicle wheel assembly, replace the original car wheels, wheel mounted bullet-proof bullet-proof device, after the flat tire can still 30Km / h speed for more than 50 kilometers, the car parked in a safe area.

2、Anti-riot system: the vehicle lights and windshield installation anti-smashing protective net; door with tamper world lock, combined with the original car door locks to form dual door insurance.

3、Warning device: consists of a cylindrical warning lights, sirens and tweeters.

4、Air Exchange System: By the electric exhaust fan, overhead air conditioning, combined with the vehicle skeleton foam sound insulation, to ensure the quality of the vehicle air.

5、Engine compartment fire extinguishing device: engine compartment equipped with automatic fire extinguishing device, to strengthen the engine fire protection.

6、Other devices: search for lights, surveillance systems, reversing rear view assembly, hydraulic trailer winch, stand-alone heater and so on.

3. Vehicle performance parameters

chassis model

F-550  USA Ford brand

engine model

7.3 L EFI V8 gasoline









top speed   (km/h)


driving type


overall dimension L*W*H    (mm)

6590×2430×2995Contain turret 3050

Wheelbase      (mm)


Seats number include driver

2+2+6=10 People

4. Vehicle structure

1Bulletproof protection

1Six bullet-proof body: The vehicle uses carbon steel square tube to build a skeleton, the body plane with 4.0 high-quality imported bulletproof material laying, six bullet-proof, bullet-proof class B level. On the doors, bullet-proof glass and other transitional installation site prone to bullet-proof leaks to do the proper location, leaving bullet-proof theory to penetrate the gap.

2Roof Turret: Fully enclosed turret structure (optional three-sided protection type), plate imports of bullet-proof plate 4.0, 360 degrees can be rotated without dead ends. Turret mounted on both sides of the bullet-proof observation window to facilitate the car outside the surrounding environment. In front of the door with a flip outside the window, when not in use can be closed; rear with flip cover, the lift plate can be detected out of the turret turret outside the six launchers are operating. Six tubes are fixed to the rotating turret, with the turret 360 ° rotation.

3Bulletproof observation window: In addition to the front windshield, a total of 9 bulletproof windows are provided on both sides of the vehicle body and the tail gate. The bulletproof class B can resist the attack of the 56-type submachine gun steel core bomb. The observation window glass is fixed on the frame, Body bolted form, when the glass is damaged replacement, the glass frame assembly can be removed directly replaced, eliminating the car cleaning glass and accessories supply problems. Windshield front heating with anti-fog function.

4Bullet-proof shooting hole: the entire shooting hole assembly welded to the outer body surface, the exposed surface does not contain aluminum material, to eliminate the possibility of bullets penetrate the assembly gap; left and right doors, both sides of the body and the tailgate observation window position with bullet-proof One hole, a total of nine.

5Fuel tank protection: bullet-proof steel plate protection devices are arranged at the four sides and at the bottom of the fuel tank to prevent the bullets from penetrating the fuel tank to cause a fire hazard.

6Water tank protection device: The front of the water tank is equipped with air inlet grilles made of bullet-proof steel plate so as to prevent the bullets from being directly or indirectly injected into the engine room to damage the water tank under the premise of meeting the requirements of air inlet.

7Bullet-proof wheel assembly: the military-specific off-road tires, replace the original car wheel assembly, the twins after the single tire, the tire is particularly suitable for poor pavement and non-pavement, belonging to various types of off-road vehicles, armored vehicles Wheel product. The tire is equipped with bullet-proof support structure, after the tire puncture can still travel 30km / h speed 50KM or more.


2Riot system

1Protective net: front and rear combination lamps, cylindrical warning lights and front windshield are equipped with high strength, removable protective net, of which the front windshield net for manual flip type, do not perform the task can be opened and use Rod support, the driver's sight and light no effect

3Internal layout

1Interior material: Crew area Car body and interior interlayer polyurethane foam treatment, so that the vehicle has a good thermal insulation noise reduction; interior fabric is soft leather, observation window and the turret inside the package are using imitation wood Window frame decoration, luxurious appearance

2Top air-conditioning: the front of the ceiling to install 6000 kcal overhead air-conditioning evaporator, effectively improve the working conditions of field members.

3。Electric exhaust fan: arranged on the roof for indoor air exchange, improve the air quality inside the vehicle.

4Independent heater: installation of independent heater, arranged in the long row of cabinets to meet the large space heating requirements.

5Interior lighting: the roof before and after the installation of a location of the indoor lighting, passenger lighting to meet the needs of the car.

6Roof safety handle: two long tube installed in the ceiling grip for long seat occupant grab use. Long tube grip can be folded 90 ° flip, do not fold up when not in use will not affect the interior space.

7Seat style and arrangement: The vehicle occupant seats are arranged in a 2 + 2 + 6 combination mode, that is, four single seats are arranged in the front two rows, and six reversible single seats are arranged facing the rear compartments.

8Non-slip floor leather: Passenger cabin floor wear wear non-slip floor leather, good wear resistance

9Turret stool: arranged in the middle of the second row of single seat, step stool can be manually lift. According to the different height of individuals, adjust the stool height required to a better posture on the rotating turret operation; the same time, stool stool can be used as a single-seat flip.

4Police lights and sirens

1LTD532-type cylindrical lights: the four corners of the roof mounted cylindrical lights each one3

2CJB300R1 Siren: Split 300W siren

3YD-150I tweeter: 2, mounted on both sides of the front of the car.

5Auxiliary function device

1Monitor PTZ: PTZ camera, keyboard, DVR, LCD, pneumatic lifting rod. PTZ camera mounted on4

the lifting rod, arranged on the right after the car outside, the use of pneumatic lifting bar raised to the ma
ximum height, the PTZ camera height of 3 meters above the ground, the car can be around the entire d


ead zone monitoring Camera.

1MG-TC2526B Car PTZ: Patented product, can capture the target without lighting under the night condi

tions, infrared night vision distance greater than 80 meters. All-weather environment design, high-strength aluminum alloy casting shell, impact resistance, corrosion resistance, degree of protection to IP66; superior seismic characteristics, especially suitable for vehicle monitoring; 360 ° infinite rotation, 180 ° looking up without blind spots; , 128 preset positions; Car power supply voltage input range: DC10.5V ~ DC18V; Total zoom 312X, optical zoom 26X, digital zoom 12X.

2VNT-K100-type keyboard control: keyboard controller with intelligent camera PTZ control, camera, preset, tour queue, track scan, menu settings and other functions. Unique one-shot operation function, the use of vector remote sensing can be flexibly controlled constant speed and variable speed smart camera PTZ, lens action.

3DVR0404ME-H four-car DVR (with 500G hard disk): four D1 recording, wide voltage input (8 ~ 60V), with overvoltage protection, undervoltage protection, short circuit protection and overcurrent protection; high seismic design: the industry Advanced hard disk box built-in shock absorption design, the use of mechanical shockproof, electronic shock absorption and seismic software combination of a comprehensive anti-seismic program; Strict material selection: key components using automotive electronics devices, military components and high reliability imported new materials;

4SF-1510 Car Ceiling LCD Screen: Professional car 15-inch LCD display monitor images.6

3SJH135T search light: the roof is equipped with 100W glare search lights, to provide long-distance search for lighting, the front and rear of the layout of a car. Through the wireless remote control lights up, down, left and right position for search lighting.

4Automatic fire extinguishing system for automobiles: Four auto-fixed aerosol fire extinguishing systems are installed in the engine compartment of a car to enhance the safety of the vehicle. When the temperature of the protection zone reaches 138 ℃ or the open flame is encountered, the electronic triggering device will be automatically turned on, and the aerosol is emitted to achieve the purpose of high-efficiency fire-extinguishing. The device is pollution-free, no damage to the vehicle.

5Reverse monitoring system: reversing rear view to ensure the safety of reversing exercise.

7Inverter: AP1KVA-12V Anderson pure sine wave inverter

DC12V DC input voltage

DC10.5V~DC14.5V Input voltage range

1000VA Output rated power

AC220V The output voltage

50Hz±1% Output frequency

8Winch: installed in the front bumper position, continuous working time, stable and reliable tension

9Hooks: Includes front and rear towing hooks and air transport hooks

10The top of the foot: installed in the car body, convenient boarded the roof, can be stowed when not in use, does not affect the appearance of the vehicle.

11Fire Extinguisher: To cope with a sudden fire, arrange 2 fire extinguishers in the rear attachment box for emergency use.

6Appearance color and logo: vehicle paint, logo can be set according to user requirements.


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