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Anti-riot water cannon vehicle Anti-riot water cannon vehicle
Anti-riot water cannon vehicle Anti-riot water cannon vehicle
Anti-riot water cannon vehicle Anti-riot water cannon vehicle
Anti-riot water cannon vehicle Anti-riot water cannon vehicle
Anti-riot water cannon vehicle Anti-riot water cannon vehicle

Anti-riot water cannon vehicle

Product Description

Anti-riot water cannon vehicle

VG5251 anti-riot water cannon vehicle is a new generation of anti-riot special vehicle of our company. It has perfect functions of anti-riot and self-protection which make it to be the first choice for dispersing rioters without causing permanent bodily harm. This vehicle has been listed in the vehicle production catalogue of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology of People’s Republic of China. And it has been equipped in the department of armed police all over China and been exported to overseas area.



Outline effect photo of the whole vehicle (for reference only)

I. Main technical parameters of vehicle

Chassis model


Displacement           L


Max. power       ps/rpm


Max. speed           km∕h


Driving mode


Carrying capacity of cabin


Dimension (L×W×H) mm


Max. total mass           kg            


Capacity   of water tank      m3


Anti-riot water   cannon

Horizontal rotating   angle °



Pitching angle   °


Max. range    m


Gas   solution        L


Dye   coloring        L


Foam   solution       L




Chassis photo

2. Vehicle configuration and function

Basic configuration and functions:

1. Water cannon: the roof is equipped with two DC electric control anti-riot water cannon (maximum range of 65m), which can be used for long-distance deportation of violence.

2. Spray system around: spray system is equipped around the vehicle body, which can spray clear water and tear gas solution.

3. Self-extinguishing system: roof and vehicle bottom are equipped with self- extinguishing system, which can sprinkler water and foam liquid.

4. Gas masks: 5 sets of military gas masks.

5. Centralized control system: PLC programmable control, touch screen operation, to achieve centralized control and status display.

6. Warning lamp and alarm: the system is composed of cylindrical warning lamp, square warning lamp, alarm and alarm horn.

7. Rear view: it is composed of 7 "rear view screen and reversing camera.

8. Publicity and broadcasting system: the power amplifier and loudspeaker of the alarm can be used to call the scene and play the disc.

9. Camera monitoring system: it is composed of camera, hard disk on-board hard disk video recorder, 10.4 " mounted display, etc.

10. Auto special automatic fire extinguishing system: equipped with auto special fixed

aerosol automatic fire extinguishing device to strengthen the safety protection of the whole vehicle.

3. Introduction to system classification

(I) . Water system

1. Main water cannon: two DC electric control anti-riot water cannon

Maximum range:65m

Deterrence range: 40m

Launching mode: continuous jet, inching jet

Emission medium: dye solution, gas solution, water

Control mode: remote electric control

1) The water cannon has the functions of continuous water shooting and spot water shooting. It can mark or disperse the long-distance troublemakers by firing dye or gas solution. Its performance is at the leading level in the same industry in the world.

2) The body of water cannon is developed by our company in cooperation with famous hydraulic experts in China, with independent intellectual property rights; the design and produce of barrel and nozzle are entrusted to professional manufacturers and the key parts are famous brands at home and abroad.

3) In order to achieve all-day operations, gun lights are installed on the gun barrel.

2. Water pump: high quality and large flow centrifugal water pump with domestic aerospace technology. The pump body is made of high-strength aluminum alloy, which has the characteristics of high speed, high efficiency, small volume and light weight. It is driven by chassis engine through power take-off.

Model: CB18/60-TB, 16 / 50 hydraulic working point is matched by strict test.

The water pump can absorb water from the ground natural water source to the water tank through the suction pipe.

3. Water tank: it is made of electrolytic plate with strong corrosion resistance, and the inner wall is sprayed with marine epoxy zinc rich waterproof paint.

There is partition device in the water tank to buffer the front and back impact of water during driving;

Maintenance window of water tank, convenient for personnel to enter into the maintenance operation of water tank;

The water tank is equipped with overflow and exhaust port;

Equipped with electronic water level measuring instrument;

Fire water adding and residual water discharge device with filter screen is installed on the water tank;

Water tank injection mode: external fire hydrant water injection, water pump self


4. Electromagnetic induction liquid level meter: the company's independently developed products are made of high chromium stainless steel. Compared with the general industrial liquid level gauge, the electromagnetic induction liquid level gauge has the characteristics of corrosion resistance, high accuracy, timely response and good reliability.

5. Valve: the reinforced industrial stainless-steel valve is adopted, and the sealing

enhancement device and valve position sensor are installed. The copper sealing ring solves the service life problem of the seal when the device is used in dynamic, high pressure and large flow. After strict reliability damage test, the service life reaches 20000 times.

6. Proportional mixer: the mixture ratio of the riot water cannon is set by the ring pump proportional mixing device, and the stable output of the fixed proportion mixture of dye, gas and foam agent is achieved. According to the actual combat needs of the riot scene, the spray medium (water, dye solution, gas solution) of water cannon and spray system can be selected through the control system, so as to greatly improve the working efficiency and on-site disposal capacity of the explosion-proof water cannon.

7 Auxiliary valve: high quality brass or stainless-steel products are used, with superior corrosion resistance, flexible switch, and no stagnation after long-term parking.

8. Additive tank: 3 pieces of 304 stainless steel additive tanks with 100L of effective volume, which are respectively used for dressing stains, CS tear agents and fire foam raw fluids. The tear agent tank is equipped with an automatic sealing switch, which can ensure that the mixed stock solution does not volatilize.

9. Surrounding spray protection system: there are 10 sprayers around the vehicle body to spray around the car body if necessary. The system can spray clear water and tear gas solution.

10. Self-extinguishing protection system: 12 sprinklers are installed on the roof and bottom of the vehicle, which can spray water and foam solution to achieve self-extinguishing protection.

(II). Anti-riot equipment

1.      Gas mask: equipped with 5 sets of military gas masks.

2. Water tank protection: a mesh protective steel plate is installed inside the ventilation grille of the water tank in the cab to protect the safety of the engine water tank and pipeline.

3. Automobile special automatic fire extinguishing system: four automobile special fixed aerosol automatic fire extinguishing devices are installed on the upper cover plate of the automobile engine to strengthen the safety protection of the whole vehicle.

● the device has two control modes, automatic and manual semi-automatic. When the

temperature of the protection area reaches 138 ℃ or meets open fire, the electronic trigger device will automatically open, and quickly spray out the white smog like micron aerosol solid suspension, and quickly decompose under high temperature. Through a series of chemical reactions, such as high temperature heat absorption, the combustion reaction chain will be quickly interrupted to achieve the purpose of efficient fire extinguishing 。The device has no residue, no pollution, no damage to the car, no damage to the ozone layer, zero potential value of greenhouse effect, strong anti-seismic, anti-impact and anti-corrosion performance.

(III). Control system

1. Water cannon control device: the cab is equipped with a water cannon control console to control the direction and launch of the main water cannon. The auxiliary water cannon in front of the vehicle is controlled by the mobile operation box, and operated by the copilot or the rear war fighter.

2. Centralized control system: the operation of all equipment of the whole vehicle is electric remote control, with reliable performance and intuitive and convenient operation. The control system adopts modular structure design, with clear lines, reasonable layout and easy maintenance.

Program control is used to realize the logical relationship between the execution equipment, which saves a lot of relay control, simplifies the circuit of the whole vehicle, and improves the reliability of the whole vehicle system The water level of the water tank and the liquid level of each liquid tank can be displayed on the touch LCD screen. When the water level of the water tank or the liquid level of each liquid tank is lower than the warning position, the system will send out an audible and visual alarm, and the specific alarm liquid tank will be displayed on the touch LCD screen. Various working conditions of water cannon and other spray systems can be controlled by PLC. The powerful function of programming can also realize the transformation of various functions of water cannon and other spray systems.

VI Electrical equipment

1. Monitoring system: a waterproof infrared camera is installed on each of the two-gun tubes, and the shooting picture can be displayed on the 10.4 "LCD installed in the cab, and stored on the vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder for inspection.

(1) Ds-rcc192p-ir3 / WD infrared integrated camera: the camera rotates with the gun barrel to monitor the front and both sides of the vehicle.

(2) Haikang ds-8104hm / B vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder: vehicle mounted hard disk video recorder, with the highest playback resolution of D1, with USB backup interface, equipped with 500G hard disk. (3) Sf-1048m LCD: 10.4 " mounted.2. Warning system: it is composed of alarm, front and rear round alarm light, square alarm light and alarm horn.

(1) CJB300r1 alarm: it can be used to call at the scene. The alarm control panel is arranged on the instrument panel,

(2) LTD132 front round alarm light: one red and one blue round alarm light are installed at the front of the roof.

(3) LTD532 rear round alarm light: one red and one blue round alarm light are installed at the rear of the roof.

(4) LTE512 square warning lights: one in red, one in white and one in blue on both sides of

the car body, and one in red and blue on the back of the car, 8 in total.

(5) YD-150I (150W) horn: 2, installed on the top of the cab.

3. Clearance lamp and side marker lamp: one clearance lamp is installed at the top four corners of the vehicle, and side marker lamp is installed at the side wall to ensure driving safety.

4. Rear view: it is composed of rear-view screen and reversing camera. The rear-view screen is installed on the driver's side of dashboard.

(1). sf7003a 7 ″ reversing display screen; (2). sf-9880c reversing camera.

5. Publicity and broadcasting system: DVD player is added, and the function of calling on the spot and playing the disc can be realized by using the power amplifier and loudspeaker of the alarm.

6. High level headlamp: in order to eliminate the influence of the hydraulic control shovel on the lighting of the vehicle during night driving, a high-level headlamp is installed in front of the vehicle to ensure the lighting requirements of the vehicle during night driving.

VII. Appearance color and mark: the paint and mark of the whole vehicle can be

determined according to the user's requirements.

VIII. On Board Accessories

In addition to the on-board maintenance tools provided for the chassis, the following

special tools and spare parts are also provided for the vehicle.

1. DN65 water hose: 20m;

2. Fire spanner: 1 piece;

3. Crescent spanner: 1 piece;4. Filling funnel: 1 piece;

5. 65 / 50, 80 / 65 adapter: 1 set each;

6. Water suction pipe (including water filter): 4 pieces, 2m / piece.



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