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Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System
Anti-Drone System Anti-Drone System

Anti-Drone System

Product Description

Anti-Drone System

According to low cost, easy acquisition and convenient manufacturing, “low, slow, small” drones by installing different loads are used for video surveillance, leaflet delivery, terrorist attacks and even military activities. Drones have posed a serious potential threat to public safety and the disposal requirements become urgent.

As a high-tech enterprise focusing on intelligent unmanned systems and countermeasures technology, we focus on intelligent detection signal processing, high performance directional laser etc. We have developed various of drone disposal equipment and comprehensive application solutions. Our products have the following advantages:

★ Intelligent and efficient—our machine learning technology realizes the information fusion and intelligent processing of radar detection signal, communication signal, video data, which able to achieve unattended operation.

★ Diversification of disposing measures—we provide various methods of drone detection. In addition, the high energy laser disposal able to ensure the processing performance.

★ Independent and controllable—the core technology of system is controlled by our technical team with completely independent intellectual property rights. We able to provide customized development service to meet client’s requirement.



Detection & Disposal Equipment

43D phased array radar

Able to analyze and process the reflected radar signal from drone     target to rapid positioning. This radar has the advantages of long     detection distance, high detection accuracy, no interference to     communication signal.

Ø  Detection Distance:Max≥5km、Min≤200m

Ø  Detection Accuracy:Azimuth≤0.5°,Pitch≤0.5°,Distance Error≤20m

Ø  Coverage:Azimuth 0°~360°,Pitch 0°~30°

Ø  Detectable Minimum Target Velocity:2m/s

Radio Detection System5Able to analyze and calculate the drone remote     control signal and image transmission signal which realize fast detection     and identification. The system has the advantages of long detection     distance, high detection efficient, target model analysis.Ø  Frequency:2.4GHZ、5.8GHZ(Customizable)

Ø  Detection Distance:≥3km(Customizable)

Ø  Detection Accuracy:≤5°

Ø  Detection Coverage:Azimuth 0°~360°,Pitch 0°~70°


High Energy Laser

With the automatic target detection and     accurate tracking technologies, the long-distance high energy directional     laser able to do physical damage on targets. The laser system has the     advantages of high efficient, noiseless.

Ø  Recognition Rate:≥95%

Ø  Electro-Optical Tracking Accuracy:≤15μrad

Ø  Maximum Output Power:3KW、5KW

Ø  Damage Distance:≥600m(3KW)、≥1000m(5KW)

Ø  Continuous Emission Time:≥120s

Ø  Target Destroy Time :5s~10s


Intelligent Command & Control System

There are many disadvantages to apply the radar, radio detection, electro-optical technologies in unban environment. The complex urban electromagnetic environment, birds’ interference which may cause the false alarm of radar. In addition, the small field of view (FOV) of electro-optical device will also cause huge workload on target confirmation.

To solve the above problems, we developed the intelligent command & control system which improve intelligent processing ability of the radar signal, communication signal, video information. The system has built-in radar signal sample library, communication signal sample library, video sample library and objective knowledge library. These libraries will assist to build the intelligent signal processing model which based on the machine learning and big data technology. The system realizes the intelligent identification of drone, airborne objects, birds and other targets. It has the advantages of high intelligence, accuracy and efficiency.


8To meet the intelligent processing     requirement of radar signal, communication signal and video information, we     developed the “CI Board No.1”. The board has advantages of high computing     power, various information interface and low power consumption.

The intelligent information     processing system equipped with the CI Board No.1 will achieve better     ability. The intelligent processing accuracy for radar signal is better     than 93%. The intelligent processing accuracy for drone target is better     than 95%. The EOA tracking accuracy is better than 0.6.

Ant-Drone Integration System

A single vehicle integrates the functions of radar detection, electro-optical tracking, spectrum monitoring, high performance laser damage, electronic jamming etc. And power supply vehicle is also equipped. The system can construct a complete low altitude defense network quickly, mobility, intelligently and effectively. It mainly applied in party and government offices, important events, convoy and other key places. The system has the advantages of high-level integration, high level of intelligence, flexibility and rapid deployment.

Specifications: the effective detection distance of radar is within 5km for drone target (typical target: DJI Phantom 4); the effective detection distance of radio detection system is within 3km for remote signal of drone target; the effective detection distance of electro-optical equipment is within 1.5km for drone target. On the basis of above detection measures, the jammer able to interference the drone target in 3km and the laser able to do physical damage within 1km.


Typical Application




Government Office

 Event Security

Convoy Operation

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V-great International Limited focuses on US NIJ0101.06 and EU VPAM BSW 2006 standards aiming the first class products with reasonable price, all products produced by v-great are certified by both standards.

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