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Military, Police, Law enforcement agencies and security personnels
Nylon 6,6
V-great professional design provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma without sacrific-ing the fit or comfort. Upgrade to NIJ 0101 06 level IIIA by using Soft Armor Panels on demand.
The chest, shoulders, and back hard shell panels have a modular flex design allowing for all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably without sacrificing much needed mobility. 
Total weight is less than 8 kg. 
Antibacterial surface and breathable design with excellent craftsmanship.
The suit ranks highest in easy to put on or take off in a moment.
Suitable for wearer with height 165cm – 190cm through durable straps and nylon elastic.
Protection area includes check, back, thigh and shin, groin, arm, shoulder and elbow. Chest & groin over 0.1 SQM, back over 0.1 SQM, arms over 0.18 SQM, Legs & feet over 0.3 SQM.
Stronger connection joints strength: Nylon Buckle strength over 7.0 N/cm2, Nylon buckle elastic strength over 500N; Connection stripe force is over 2000N
120 Joules energy force strike on any parts of riot suit won’t cause break or fragment.
With 100 Joules energy strike on front of riot gear, deformation on backing clay will be under 20mm.
Flame retardant design : the flame would be self extinguished in 10 seconds.
Anti-riot Helmet provides complete head and face protection protective equipment
Workable temperature: -20 Celsius to 60 Celsius
Inspection Standard :  GA420-2008