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The V-great Bomb Disposal Suit, along with its helmet, which provide protection against blast, over pressure, fragmentation, impact, heat, and flame from Improvised Explosive Devices.
The suit is built of strategically distributed soft and rigid ballistic materials. It consists of trousers, groin protector, jacket, and helmet. The suit can be integrated with a liquid circulating Personal Climate System that includes a "chiller" refrigeration unit. It pumps water and is efficient for a mission of up to 45 minutes.
The EOD helmet is made of a GRP skin with an elastomeric aramid core and is fully adjustable to various sizes for perfect fit by means of the three point suspension and the removable spacer pads that Velcro to the inside. The facility for a communication set consisting of a headphone and microphone, plus extension lead for attachment to any VHF radio transceiver, is incorporated as standard. An alternative communications system, the Hard Wired Communications System, comprising a headset, microphone, 100 meters of cable and speaker/amplifier, for communication between the operator and his controller, can also be supplied. Also incorporated in the helmet is an air ventilation system which directs the flow of forced fresh air over the top of the helmet liner, across the visor and down over the operator’s face ensuring efficient demisting and clear view. The addition of an anti-blast neck-guard to the bottom front of the helmet closes any possible frontal gap between helmet and collar.

The jacket is a long-sleeved, side-opening design filled with flexible Aramid armour. Provision is made on the front for the attachment of rigid chest and groin blast plates by means of integral pockets with webbing and Velcro securing straps. Pouches for working tools, blower and radio are attached to the front and back of the outer cover. The high collar provides overlap protection to the helmet, visor and neck-guard. Immediate removal of the jacket is achieved by use of the quick-release straps attached to the side and shoulder.
The trousers have fully adjustable supporting braces and wide Velcro waistband catering for small, medium and large sizes. Affixed to the front of the trousers is a flexible groin protector retained in position by Velcro and elastic. At the rear of the trousers an ‘easy pull’ heavy duty zip is used to fix the articulated flexible armor into position and is incorporated into a quick release Velcro system The Bomb Suit incorporates a new foot protection system, providing additional protection to the front, side and base of the foot.
The Cooling Suit is designed to offer a safe and cool environment for people who must maintain a high level of efficiency and concentration under extreme heat.
The system is ideally suited for persons involved in bomb disposal and surveillance operations, as well as personnel in non-air-conditioned armored vehicles, firefighters, mine workers, etc.
Garment: Kermel stretch knit flame retardent fabric
♦ Worn next to skin under any clothing
♦ Cooling unit can attach to bomb suit via harness
The Hard-Wired Communications System is a fully duplex communication system designed specifically for EOD teams using the V-great EOD Bomb Disposal Suit. The system provides duplex communication between the bomb disposal operator and his back-up team. It consists of a plug which connects to the helmet’s in-built earpiece and microphone, 100 meters of twisted core signal cable mounted on a spool, a headset, speaker/amplifier, and carrying bag.
125 meters cable length also available
Tape recorder can be provided