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PASGT helmet bolt-less
PASGT Helmet Bolt-less

Material: composed of multi-layered advanced aramid woven fabric based on Twaron fiber
Protection NIJ IIIA; V50 ballistic test according to STANAG2920, 17 grains: 650-680 m/sec Performance:
  • The Personnel Armor System for Ground Troops Helmet standard infantry combat helmet in bolt-less design reducing the threat at bolt area,
  • Improved stability and comfort utilizing special tube suspension system
  • Just like the regular configuration it can customized to be equipped with goggles, communications headsets, gas masks and shoulder fired weapon sights
  • Provides impact attenuation
  • Three sizes of M, L and XL
  • Customized color available
Protection Area: 0.12-0.14m2
Weight: 1.30kg-1.55kg.