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V-fit 005

Designed for: concealable model which suits hot, humid, or tropical environments
Ballistic Material:  Aramid UD fabric/ Aramid Woven fabric
Performance:  NIJ 0101.06 level IIIA upgradable to level III/IV by adding Hard Armor Plates. Anti-stab protection on demand

 Covering front, rear and sides protection
 Ultra thin panel: ballistic layer is only 1cm
 Removable mesh outer cover for easy cleaning
 Specially mesh design to maximize ventilation and minimize heat build-up
 The cool mesh carrier increases the air circulation and absorbs moisture to keep cool and dry
 Look alike T-shirt which allows for maximum concealment
 Lasted super thin non-abrasive Velcro
 Adjustable waist straps for better fit
 A great alternative to the traditional concealable vest in hot, humid, or tropical environments