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V-link 001.5

Designed for: Law enforcement, Special Forces, Military, Mobile Troops.
Ballistic Material: Aramid UD fabric/Aramid woven fabric
Performance: NIJ 0101.06 IIIA, upgradeable to level III/IV by adding Hard Armor Plates. Anti-stab protection on demand.

  • Modularized enhanced protection enables it to transform from basic covert style V-fit001.5 via overt style to full protection model using one set of V-great Soft Armor Panels.
  • Protection Selection Option offering Upper Arm, Throat, Collar, Shoulder, Groin and Side when side plate inserted in external cummerbund.
  • Using external cummerbund belt coupled with side plate pocket and MOLLE. The New Load System distributes the weight of the vest from the shoulders to the waist and hips, making it easier to carry and providing the operator with a sense of lesser load on him.
  • Bottom loading ESAPI pockets accommodating both standard and shooter-cut shape plates on front and back.
  • MOLLE webbing system for front, back & cummerbund
  • Adjustable shoulder straps for best fit
  • Full wrap around style external cummerbund 
  • Space mesh interior constitutes one of the most comfortable ventilation and anti-microbial protection systems on the market.