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Balllistic shield
  • High Performance: Lightweight ballistic shield, mitigates ricochets when deployed on the ground
  • Ballistic Material: UHMW Polyethylene (or upgrade to Level III or lV with ceramic according to the high threat) as bulletproof material to ensure excellent protection against ballistic and fragmentation threats
  • Protection level: rated to NIJ level IIIA, III or IV (NIJ-STD 0101.06)
  • Ergonomic: convenient handle with adjustable Velcro strap for fair grip and better stabilization during the usage  
  • Multifunctional: optionally equipped with functional viewport, LED light and shooting hole to enhance the combat readiness and mission performance
  • Designed for, among others: patrol and tactical officers, anti-riot units, Special Forces.
  • Ideal for: police, military or close protection in active shooter situations
  • Provide ballistic protection during onsite tactical negotiations
  • Excellent for teams engaged in hostage rescue operations
  • Wide range of other applications in all tactical situations
Update information:
  • Attached with LED light
  • Mobilize wheels
  • Windows size: according customer requirement with ballistic glass
  • Shooting hole
  • Difference shape according to difference requirement
  • Protection level according customer requirement