ALL Products

  • Ballistic Material: 20 layers of Aramid woven fabric as bulletproof material
  • Outer cover: Cordura 1000D
  • Protection level: NIJ level IIIA, V50: 620 m/s
  • Portable and easy to use: include 8 carry handles, buckles for quick linking of several blankets, shoulder straps available to aid transportation
  • Multifunctional: interlocking system can be integrated for multiple deployment
  • Deployable vehicle armour for cars, boats and aircraft to be instantly protected against incoming bullets and fragments, that can be stored away safely.
  • Deploying over explosive devices to contain the blast (bomb rings can be purchased to assist with containment).
  • Interlink to transform into a mobile protective wall for hostage recovery and storming buildings.
  • Fire containment.
  • Using accessories the blanket can become a stretcher to evacuate injured personnel.
  • Widely utilized in classified explosive-proof area of coal mining and pretrochemical industry.
  • Ideal for: police, military, close protection, bomb disposal, security, demining and mining industry.