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Material: Aramid UD fabric
Structure: One blanket; Outer fence; Inner fence
Weight: 29.8kg
Blanket data:
-       Outer cover: Polyester 600D
-       Size:1600mm ×1600mm
-       Venting diameter:300mm
-       Weight:12.70kg
Anti explosive fences data:
-       Outer fence: Height:150mm; Internal diameter: 600mm;weight: 5.80kg
-       Inner fence: Height: 300mm; Internal diameter: 450mm; weight:11.30kg
Explosive protection Performance:
-       adopting unique double barrier structures, can effectively withstand a standard 82-2 grenade (equal to 62g TNT Explosive).
-       Excellent explosion resistant function
-       Provides protection for people and objects which are near of the center of the explosion against explosive damage.
-       It is one of the important device site temporary disposal of explosives.
-       Once detonating explosive force equivalent of 200TNT, the person with a radius of 3 meter from explosion center won’t be suffered by fatal harm.
-       Widely used for school, airport, train station, hotel, restaurant, subway, shopping mall, cinemas and theaters, stadiums and other densely populated public places.