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Anti-explosion-proof Box

Product Introduction of Pufan Flexible Anti-explosion-proof Box

Main uses and functional features of the product

V-great flexible Anti-explosion box has a wide range of uses. It can be used not only for the transfer of suspected dangerous explosives, but also for emergency protection of dangerous explosives. It plays an important role in the explosion-proof security inspection process and provides comprehensive protection for security inspectors. The uniqueness of this equipment is that the product itself has no metal composition. Due to the scientific design, it can completely absorb the explosive fragments and shock waves into the product, minimize the impact on the surrounding people and environment, and the product itself will not cause secondary damage.
In addition, the product has multiple protection functions. In addition to preventing explosive fragments and shock waves, it can also prevent liquid corrosion, leakage, flammable and explosive pyrotechnic products, guns and ammunition, and the damage of controlled knives. The product adopts drawer type box design, with small volume, light weight, strong explosion-proof ability, and is equipped with universal wheels for convenient transportation. It is also suitable for aircraft, high-speed rail and other vehicles.

Main technical indicators of the product

Product model: V-AEB002
Product composition: it is composed of external box, built-in box, jacket, etc
Coat fabric: high strength nylon fabric
Fabric color: military green, black (optional)
Protective material: Aramid Composite cloth
Protection performance: resist 1pc of 82-2 grenade
Overall dimension: length 620mm* width 510mm* height 330mm ± 10mm (including wheel height)
Product weight: 39kg ± 0.6kg
Service life: 5 years