About Us
V-great Protection Limited is a professional company specialized in design, production and supply of the most advanced safety solutions for law-enforcement industry as well as other entities concerned about their personnel safety.   

Our products are not only widely recognized by civil testing organizations, but also authoritative international testing agency. “High quality, competitive price and fast delivery” is our guarantee for our products. V-great is the first Chinese company whose name is shown on the NIJ official website, we guarantee your safety through each of our product.

As the largest ballistic manufacturer in China, V-great has the Beijing based production line of almost 20,000 m2 with outstanding production capability. With such solid basis, V-great is driven by innovations and strong resolution of continuous improvement of quality control system in order to meet and even exceed our customers’ requirements. Our efforts have been widely recognized resulting in the fact that we were the only Chinese company appointed for the supply of personal body armor products for the UN missions worldwide.

V-great offers a wide range of excellent safety solutions and its certification according to the most reliable ballistic standards have been highly appreciated even by the most demanding end-users from all over the world. Thanks to many years of constant research and development, our products are deemed to be comprehensive body armor products protecting against multidimensional threats.

Our mission is to foresee future threats and dangers so that you can be prepared when they come true. Right efforts make us ready to provide the most accurate solutions at the right time!

To save life – V can!